Nam Tok Moo Overtakes Massaman in Latest Survey


After Thai Massaman Curry was named the World’s Best Food by then called CNNGo in 2011, it’s time for “Nam Tok Moo” to shine. According to the latest survey by the National Food Institute (NFI), the spicy sliced grilled pork dish was named the most ordered dish in Thai restaurants in the European Union and the United States.

Originated from the northeast of Thailand, “Nam Tok Moo” literally translates “waterfall pork”. However, in terms of cooking “Nam Tok” means sliced medium cooked meat. The name also refers to blood that’s still oozing from the meat but the dish is often served cooked for health reasons now.

The institute Director Petch Chinnaboot said although Americans rather order Nam Tok Gai (chicken) and Nam Tok Nuea (beef), the dish is popular mainly because of the fragrance of ground roasted rice.

Thai dishes such as Pad Thai and Tom Yum Goong have taken turns to become the World’s most loved dishes. We can’t wait to see which ones will be next.


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