MasterChef Star John Torode Raves About Thai Restaurant in Bolton


A new Thai restaurant in Bolton shot to fame thanks to tweets from MasterChef star John Torode.

The Australian chef intended to dine at a tapas eatery next door where he was turned down a table so he decided to try Thailand Café on Bridge Street in Bolton instead.

Owner and chef Rujipong and his wife Ying were delighted to have pleased their celebrity diner.

Mr Torode was staying at the Holiday Inn opposite the café during his demonstration at Bolton Food and Drink Festival on Saturday. When asked to describe his experience at Thailand Café, the chef answered, “the best Thai food I have had outside of Thailand”.

Since then the newly-found gem has been visited by the MasterChef star’s followers and he's keen to make the restaurant famous.

Rujipong revealed that his famous visitor ordered spare ribs, chicken larb, green curry and sticky rice.


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