Nottingham to Bangkok in 71 Days


A young Thai couple have successfully completed a 71-day, overland journey between Nottingham and Bangkok, recording their whole experience online via social media.

Boat and Fai embarked on the epic journey after completing their masters degree courses at the University of Nottingham. They have since posted a video of their adventure to YouTube garnering them thousands of views in a matter of days.

Boat and Fai's route from Nottingham to Bangkok

The couple travelled through 13 countries in Europe and Asia stopping over in 24 towns and cities along the way. They estimate that they spent around 365 hours travelling on buses and trains – that’s 15 days of non-stop travel.

The total cost of this travel was approximately 60,000THB each or around £1,100 – not too bad! When factoring-in living and visa costs the couple estimate that they spent a total of 190,000THB or approximately £3, 510 to reach home.

Images and facts sourced from the couple’s Facebook Page. Check out the video of their journey below:


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