Thai Film Festival at BAFTA 195: Teacher's Diary


Adapted from a true story, Teacher's Diary is about a former wrester “Song” who takes a major career change and becomes a teacher. He is then posted to a rural ‘floating’ school with just four students.

When isolation meets loneliness, Song finds comfort in a diary – left behind by his predecessor teacher, “Ann”. By sharing similar experiences without having met, Song’s thoughts resonate with those of her.

A year later Ann returns to the school to resume her job. Unfortunately, fate plays tricks on them as Song has already left. Reunited with her diary, Ann is surprised to find the diary has been filled by Song. His notes leave her in the position he has been before – missing someone she has never even met.

Teacher’s Diary was selected as a contender representingThailand for the best foreign-language film honour at the 2015 Oscars.

As part of Thai Film Festival, the film is scheduled to be screened at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA 195) on Thursday 25, June 2015. The reception will kick off at 5pm.

Laila 'Ploy' Boonyasak, who plays Ann in the film, and her director Nitiwat Taratorn are due to attend the opening night of the festival and the screening on the 25th. The event will be followed by a Q&A session.